AM-DVD now includes 3D Blu-ray in our portfolio of DVD & Blu-ray authoring and compression services!
AM-DVD also offers a range of other services, including editing, creative development, project management, graphic and sound design.

Our technical and creative people love what they do and stay current with all the latest developments in the field. We offer quick turns, competitive pricing, top-of-the-line equipment and quality control regimens that are second to none, ensuring that your project comes in on deadline, on budget and looking great.

AM-DVD’s clients include National Geographic, Disney, Monster Music, Acorn Media Group, Zeitgeist Films, Discovery, Time-Life, and the Global Film Initiative. AM-DVD is located in the Washington DC metropolitan area with satellite facilities in New York City, Los Angeles and Annapolis, MD.

Our team has a range of experience editing films, trailers, music videos, promos and webisodes. We also provide production editing services, including refreshing and packaging programs, video and audio fixes and editing to time.
Sound Engineering

AM-DVD’s roots are in sound (the AM stands for Audio Master). We excel in the creative and technical areas and bring the musician’s sensibility to all our work. From 96K/24 bit audio capability to 7.1 surround sound mixing we have you covered in virtually all forms of audio engineering. With three audio experts on staff – we can immerse your production into any setting.

Our team is here to shoot and produce interviews or behind-the-scenes features; and develop and produce trailers, commentary tracks and webisodes.
Graphics Design

As designers we are versatile and collaborative. We are particularly strong designing for the web, print, packaging and DVDs. Motion menu and photo gallery design is our specialty!
Technical Capabilities

AM-DVD has the latest Scenarist Blu-ray 3D and Scenarist DVD-Video authoring systems, Cinemacraft & Cinevision BD compression, and up-to-date Final Cut Workstations. We also have a surround audio suite outfitted with Nuendo HD, TC Electronics system 6000 Reverb & Effects along with the Diamond Wave plug-ins.

Our systems are engineered to deliver highest quality variable bit-rate MPEG-2, AVS and VC-1 video compression, and DTS Master Suite, Dolby Digital HD formatting. AM-DVD has the capability to receive video and audio elements in all HD & SD components and composite tape formats including both NTSC and PAL. Our equipment supports PCM, DTS Mater Audio, Dolby Digital Stereo, Surround, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, Dolby EX Dolby Headphone Surround and DTS 6.1 ES surround formats, enabling us to incorporate any high quality audio format into a final output from a disc image to iTunes upload.

In addition, AM-DVD offers HD video editing capability as well as high quality PAL to NTSC and NTSC to PAL conversion and HD down conversions to virtually all Standard Definition formats suitable for DigiBeta layback to Hulu & iTunes uploads.


• Web delivery

• High Quality HD to SD Down Conversions

• State-of-the-Art PAL to NTSC & NTSC to PAL Conversions

• Audio Track Restoration- noise reduction, pop, scratch and tick removal

• 5.1, 6.1 & 7.1 Surround Remixes

• Produce 5.1 Surround streams from stereo sources

• Digital Archive & Retrieval