Tom McCarthy
(703) 830-4117 Office

Earning a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland didn't sidetrack him from his love of music; he continued to perform professionally through age 30, playing bass and guitar with numerous rock and pop bands.

After designing tape recorders for broadcast in his first job after college, Tom moved on to work as an engineer and producer at various recording studios and record companies and to own his own record company. During this period, Tom engineered and mixed 3 Top Ten R&B Hits and secured a major label record deal for DC recording artist, Amy Keys. He then spent 10 years as a Systems Engineer at National Public Radio where he was involved in the redesign of their broadcast facilities. Tom also had a short stint with Sonic Solutions in digital audio product development and marketing for the radio broadcast industry as well as DVD and DVD-Audio endeavors.

In 1998, Tom joined the world of post-production as Director of DVD Services and Digital Audio at Henninger Media. He was in charge of overall project management, quality control and new business development. He developed a new market in DVD-Audio where he established working relationships with Capitol Records, EMI Music and DTS Entertainment and supervised the production of some of the first DVD-A titles to hit the market including, “Document” – R.E.M., “Music From Big Pink” – The Band as well as two number 1 DVD selling DVD-A titles, Queensryche – “Empire” and The Beach Boys – “Pet Sounds”.

He currently owns and operates AM-DVD, a DVD authoring and editing company along with Luminous 7, the creative and production umbrella. AM-DVD blue chip clients include National Geographic, Disney, Time Life, Monster Music and Acorn Media as well as a number of Foreign & Independent Film distributors – Zeitgeist, Milestone & Global Film Initiative.

Donald O’Connell
Authoring Engineer

Donald O’Connell has been involved in DVD Authoring since the conception of the technology in 1997. For nearly 15 years he has been pushing the limits of the technology in this field. His accomplishments include winning the DVD-Audio Excellence Award for “The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds” and an award for “Changing the Face of Medicine: Profiles of Achievement” in the Web DVD Category. Donald is AM-DVD's Blu-ray, 3D and DVD authoring specialist and continues to advance in the world of high end media.
Zach Clark
Authoring Engineer

Zach Clark graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking in 2004 with a degree in editing. He has edited 5 feature films, including Aaron Katz' film festival hit DANCE PARTY USA. His feature films as writer/director, MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC and VACATION!, have screened at film festivals across the world, including SXSW, Edinburgh and Stockholm. Zach author DVDs, edits programs and trailers and designs menus for AM-DVD. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Jamison Forkenbrock
Editor, Audio Engineer

Jamison is a Guitarist, Editor and Audio Engineer. After graduating with a B.S. in Media Studies Production Technology from Radford University in 2005 he has been involved with many musical and editing projects. Mixing his love for music and editing, Jamison offers his knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Graphic Design, Production and Quality Control to AM-DVD.

Anselm Dästner
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Motion Designer, and Networker Anselm Dästner has lived and worked in the United States since 1991. His international achievements include the creation and design of promotions for New York’s greatest nightclubs, the creative direction of numerous cutting-edge album packages, title and menu design for a multitude of DVD and Blu-ray titles, and design and illustration for MTV Online, SonicNet and The New York Times.